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Hear what our clients have to say about Lauren:

Lauren is an incredible dog trainer and dog owner "teacher."   She really knows how to "read" dogs and help us (the owners) shape our dog's behavior to what we want it to be.  Her classes are  informative, fun and productive.  I will be adopting another dog soon, and will definitely go back to Lauren for training.  Thanks for doing what you do so well, Lauren! - Lauren Skau, West Hartford, CT. (2006)

After attending two 6 week group training sessions at another establishment, we had reached a dead-end with our dog Barney.  Our daily walks ended in frustration.  He pulled us constantly, and we were unable to get his attention.  We called Lauren for help.  After the first session, we could see immediate improvement with his walking.  After three sessions, Barney has not only learned basic obedience commands he had failed to grasp before, but our walks are now relaxed and enjoyable.....And he pays attention when asked to do something.  This would not have happened without Lauren.  Her remarkable ability to communicate with Barney, and more importantly to show us how to communicate with him, have turned stressfull daily walks into enjoyable events for all of us.  Thank you, Lauren, we definitely could not have done it without you. 
Brad & DeeDee Dawson

Lauren- you have been a mentor and a friend to me in my journey with Dakota. Thank you so much for your work with my baby. She was a perfect little girl because of work with her, not to mention you helped me be a better mom to her.  I will never forget how you changed our lives. For that I will be eternally grateful. Jennifer Bellucci
Lauren's professionalism and expertise in dog training is nothing short of astounding. With Lauren's help my puppy was house trained within a week of living in my house. Lauren's knowledge and enormous experience had laid a solid foundation in raising my dog.

Hope all is well. 
Will Pierson

Walking my 90lb. Ridgeback was a terrible wrestling match I just hoped to survive. After finding myself lying flat on the sidewalk I knew I needed professional help! I called Lauren Trichter and after just three home visits I had much more control. Lauren showed me how to work with my dog including proper walking technique, obedience training and commands.

She showed me the right collar and leash to use and even which toys would keep my dog occupied and happy. Needless to say things improved greatly and I was able to have a much more enjoyable relationship with Ruby. Thank you Lauren!


Sally Pettibon

Sarasota Florida

Highly recommend:

Lauren walked in and met Mandy, my 2-year-old boxer. She saw an unconfident, skittish, overprotective, worried dog that was not very happy. Lauren helped me see what was going on with Mandy and together we played and worked on cues and commands that changed Mandy very quickly. Upon Lauren's second visit....She walked in and saw a confident, willing, more loving, playful dog.  The second session was amazing...  for me and Mandy.

Lauren's methods worked well for us.  Good things keep happening everyday.

Thanks again,

Camille Clarke

Sarasota, FL

We got our Oliver, a 2 month old Papillon in August, 08.  We were doing what we thought was fine in training until Oliver got to be about 4 months old and the biting started  We couldn't even get his harness on him to take him for a walk.  Here were two adults trying to put a harness on a 3 pound puppy and not doing very well at all.  We started having potty training problems and concerns on walking hand having Oliver listen to us.

Our Vet recommended Lauren.  This was the best decision we made for our "family".  Lauren came out to our house and worked with both Oliver, and more importantly, us.  With Lauren's guidance and instruction and plenty of
repeated exercises - we have a wonderful, smart little dog.  We cannot thank Lauren enough and hope that everyone who is thinking about getting a new puppy realizes that with just a few weeks of important instruction will mean "years" of enjoyment.

John, Sharon and Oliver Dumont
North Port, FL  12/08


I came to Lauren at my wits end. My stubborn 2 yr old boxer was showing signs of aggressive behavior towards anyone but me making entertaining a bit difficult. Her intuitiveness and keen sense of what the dog is thinking is amazing. Thanks to Lauren I now am on the road to my dog and my friends happily coexisting. I am forever in her debt!! Thank you Lauren!! 
Amy Fasano (2006)
Waterbury, CT

Lauren's methods revolved around training our pet in a healthy, loving, and praising environment - not by cruelty. Our Fred has learned so much by the consistent use of constructive activities and actions taught by Lauren. Her techniques work! It has been more than a year since our last session with Lauren, and EVERYONE who comes into contact with us remarks about how Well-behaved Fred is, in every situation! We have confidence that Lauren's "way with dogs" and training methods can help any dog realize the rewards of good behavior, and any dog owner realize the full potential of their pooch!"
Patrick Williams


We were lost with our puppy. We weren't doing or saying the right things. It started to get a little frustrating when our pet was ruling the house and our small children. When Lauren came in she helped train our pet but most of all she helped train our family. Our dog is totally different now, thanks to Lauren. Kim Maguire















































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